Murchison Falls National Park

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Murchison Falls National Park is located in the northern side of Albertine Rift Valley. The park is found where the enormous Bunyoro escarpment merge into the massive grasslands of Acholi land. It’s well acknowledged to be one of Uganda’s antique conservation areas. In 1926, it was recognized as a game reserve established to protect the savannah grassland that was communicated by Winston Churchill in 1907. Murchison falls national park shelters an area of around 3,893 km2 and it’s acknowledged to be one of Uganda’s fine protected area.

Murchison falls National Park was popularly known as Kabalega falls due to the fact that the waterfalls originate from the source of the Nile. The waterfalls  truly disrupts the splendid Victoria Nile, that flows  towards  northern region of Uganda from the massive Lake Victoria to the deep Lake Kyoga and ongoing to the northern slope of Lake Albert in the interior of the western arm of the great East African Rift. While at the top of the Murchison Falls, the waters of the Nile force their passage via a little gash on the rock which is just 7 meters or 23 feet wide, and falls to 43 meters or 141 feet beneath with a booming thunder creating a residual water vagrant that forms a gorgeous rainbow. The outlook is very magnificent, and the water keeps on moving towards the west into Lake albert.


The renowned Murchison falls: Murchison Falls is categorized by endless war amongst the water and the rock. The waters aggressively bandage through a contracted gap, spurting misty dewdrops together with their wake over a 50m range. This forms a lasting rainbow over the water and causes an unceasing thunder.

River Nile: A launch cruise along the Nile to the bottom of Murchison Falls is a worthwhile experience, as the northern bank abounds with a diversity of mammals, birds and reptiles. Guided nature walks along the long Nile on the northern and southern banks are another stimulating activity. Sport fishing and rafting are also available.

Buligi Game Tracks: The Buligi game trails, extending between the Victoria and Albert Niles, are the Murchison Falls National Park’s most prevalent safari endpoints. The area is roughly 120-170km in size; they pass through woodland, acacia, riverine vegetation and open Savannah grassland. Most of the park’s game can be viewed here, particularly during early morning and early evening tours.

Paraa: Paraa; meaning homespun of the hippo in the indigenous Luo language, is the park’s tourism center. All the park’s access roads join here as the northern and southern banks are connected by a passenger ferry, and several accommodations are found close. Furthermore, a museum and gift shop can be found on the north bank, and most game drives launch trips and nature walks inaugurate here.

Kaniyo Pabidi Forest: This is found in the south of Murchison Falls Conservation Area, this forest ecology comprises white colobus, olive baboons, blue monkeys and a habituated chimp cluster which can be tracked. The place has got a number of wildlife such as lions, leopards Elephants, buffaloes and very many others. Numerous forest birds can be watched here, together with the white-thighed hornbill, puvel’s illadopsis and chocolate-backed kingfisher, which are only found in East Africa. Kaniyo Pabidi has an encampment of attractive cottage accommodation, forest walks and excellent bird watching.


Boat cruise: The boat trip upstream from Paraa grants an amazing presentation of wildlife and culminates with the striking posterior sight of the falls. The boat sets off at 9am and 2pm every day and it takes about three hours.

The boat cruise recommended for bird watching should be the morning cruise downstream to the Nile-Lake Albert Delta, offering the best opportunity of spotting the mysterious Shoebill. This four-to five-hour return expedition also takes in a diversity of other wildlife, such as hippos, elephants and many birds.

Game drives: A game drive around the Buligi game tracks carried out in the northern bank with a skilled ranger guide is a fanciful way to observe and photograph the extensive variety of animals in the Nile Valley. Tourists will wonder at masses of buffalos, heaps of elephants, warthogs and soaring giraffes, together with reedbuck, bushbucks, oribi duikers, kobs, and rare hartebeest. Your guide will have good knowledge of where the lions are hiding, and you may even spot a leopard at sunset.

Birds in Murchison Falls: Both the boat cruises  and the game drives gives a chance for one to see different birdlife, including prairie forest birds, water birds and albertine rift endemics. The popular bird species are found in the savannah among which includes secretary birds, open-billed storks, abyssinian, ground hornbill, black-bellied bustards, the marabou stork, and widow bird. Nearer to the river where there are more bushes and forests, the shared species of birds include; the red-throated bee-eaters and swallow-tailed predominantly in the Nyamusika cliffs; malachite kingfishers, woodland, pied, piant and; francolin; flycatchers; cuckoos; woodpeckers horn-bills, grey heron, Hamerkop, shrikes,warblers and crombecs and the shorelines are also home to ducks, geese, stilts and plovers.

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